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Marceline and Catherine  have a strong passion for women to know the Lord and to teach them how to know the Lord and make him known. They are leading a Bible study with other women that took place in our church or in their houses. They are excited for the opportunity but unsure of what it would look like for a multi-site church. they are also excited to be co-leading with a wiser, like-minded women in our church.

Their goals are: to equip women to know the Lord and lead with strength, using their gifts and talents in order to serve in the church, reach the world and make disciples.


Women Leader

Mama Catherine Nzisa

Assistant Women Leader

Catherine and Marceline suggested that Women’s ministry shouldn’t be a separate entity of the church but rather a ministry that supports the church as a whole. With the majority of seats in churches today being filled by women, there needs to be an opportunity for women to learn from women (Titus 2).

I have two suggestions for boundaries:

  1. Use your women’s ministry as a place where women can get equipped. It should be a place where women are learning to lead—specifically—as women, then being released to serve the church along side everyone. The church’s vision isn’t lost when the ministry isn’t siloed.
  2. Make sure men are involved. In our church, Elders and church leadership take an interest in women’s ministry and care what we are taught. They teach on it from the pulpit and partner with us to equip women to lead.

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