Love, Unity, Sacrifice, Faith and Peace 

Welcome to the Philadelphia Miracle Ministries Church!
We would be happy to receive your visit. You will find that we are a small group of believers in Jesus Christ who would love to get to know you. We are of all ages and of various origins, united in Christ. We all speak Swahili, French and English, but we are at different levels.

We hope you will visit us on a Sunday at 11:30 am You can expect a service flow similar to the following:
1. songs to focus our thoughts on Christ and worship him together;
2. a moment of announcements, sharing and prayer;
3. a biblical preaching which lasts about 45 minutes;
4. other songs and prayers in response to the preaching;
the communion.
After the service, you will have the opportunity to meet people and have a drink.

Children and adolescents
During the sermon, children and adolescents will be invited to attend an education appropriate to their age.

If you don't speak Swahili, French, English and would like to visit us, please introduce yourself and we will find you an interpreter.

How to get there
We are currently located at 83 Henderson Hwy in Winnipeg, Manitoba.